Triphop music. what do u think?

May 3, 2007 5:57pm CST
Do u like TripHop Music? Portishead, Massive Attack.. what do u think about this kind of music? I love that!
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• Italy
25 Mar 10
Incredible music! I love Massive Attack, Goldfrapp and Portishead and recently I discovered Blue Foundation! Don't appreciate too much Tricky as a solist but some songs of Gorillaz are phantastic! Great groups!
@exorcist (16)
• Bulgaria
13 Jun 08
Since about 4 years I'm totally in love with downtempo and trip-hop music! Count me in at your fan club ;) And if you have a time, enjoy the free and legal music at my netlabel Dusted Wax Kingdom:
@limalimon (638)
• Mexico
3 May 07
it´s my favorite music, i like a lot massive attack they make a great music. the trip hop music was born in Bristol UK, i don´t why the best trip hop was made there, but you can see that portishead, tricky and massive attack started there. massive attack just released a new cd the last year, it was a colletive of their best songs. portishead i read that they would release a new cd, but i don´t know when. about tricky, i don´t heard any news about him.