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May 3, 2007 6:21pm CST
For you who don`t live in Canada , this all started in Toronto , Ontario . I believe it all started Saturday night or Sunday night I, I can`t remember . Anyways a Security Guard was doing his rounds and just after 1 O`clock am (i know it was late, the building was empty ) He did most of the floors with out anything and in the bottom floor in the stairs he found a body . A Female it took a couple days to ID her, She had just moved to Toronto I think a year or so ago, She was from California . She was a licensed massage therapist in California, but after she was here She wasn`t licensed NOT IN CANADA . She then was unable to find work and she ended up HOMELESS, not because she wouldn`t or couldn`t work, but only because she didn`t get her License HERE IN CANADA ... So anyways she was 33 years old and HOMELESS ... Sorry I get pretty upset when I think of that, WHY COULDN`T she work ... The police were Checking Security Videos and found HER with someone of interest and wanted to talk with this person . Well the next day after showing the video on the News the suspect turned himself in . A 21 year old male had Beaten and Strangled Her, he had confessed and told police he doesn`t know why he did it . I just don`t understand Society anymore, I mean for ONE this lady was Qualified and wanted to work, but she wasn`t able to because she wasn`t licensed . WHAT???? SHE WAS JUST NOT HERE ....???? THE GOVERNMENT couldn`t rather WOULDN`T Help her, so I would guess that not even social services, what ever their called, couldn`t or wouldn`t help her either,I just don`t understand this at all... Then this kid finds her pretty and Vulnerable just decides to hill her out of the blue, I mean was it just something for him to do???? He woke up and just decided to find a girl and kill her????Have you heard about her???? What are your thoughts on this????? I THINK THE WHOLE THING HAPPENING THE WAY IT DID IS SICK, AND THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD PAY FOR IT .... If it wasn`t for their laws she could have had a job and not befriending anyone just cause shes weak and vulnerable ... This lady had her whole life ahead of her!!!!!!!!! Please share your thoughts
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