Earn 50 Dollars for around 7 minutes of work!

May 3, 2007 7:25pm CST
Thats right its kinda like a cashback offer!, You have a few options, Get paid 50 dollars and call the comapny saying you are a real person ( or get a call in month validating your sign up) or pay 15 dollars to get 9 hours of calling threw skype and call them this way they dont know who you are for w.e reason, So sign up here - http://nuurl.us/73406 once signed up ( ENTER VALID DETAILS! ) And use coupon " freetrial ". Make sure you enter a valid number and then once your acount is activated 15 to 25 minutes after sign up cal them 1-866-964-2867 and ask to verify your acount so they do not have to call you later on An Example of what to say: Them: There intro when they answer phone You: I would like to verify my account details so you dont have to call me later on in the month Them: ( somthing like whats your account details) You: Tell them what they need to know!:) And your done then enter payment info below and the site address you signed up with ( you dont need to own the domain yet but to take advantage of it go to www.freedomain.co.nr and use that! Good Luck!
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@BrainTeaser (1430)
• Pakistan
4 May 07
Seems good but i guess this offer is restricted only to USA right as i wont think they'll be calling outside of United States to confirm this sort of things and might just be about some surveys.I guess this is not for me or any other international members in here.
• Canada
4 May 07
No my freind International!!