Why people swear so much?

May 3, 2007 10:37pm CST
why does a lot of people just love to swear so much? They use a lot of bad words in their language everyday..Why? Are they naturally born with it? Or are they just want to show how tough they are? To make them feel more self confident and stronger? Or should we just accept this as a new style of language?
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• Canada
4 May 07
Swearing is like anything else in life , it is a habit picked up by seeing others doing this . It is said to appear tough or to express anger with something or out of just plain habit . It is a nasty habit that many people get into and I am one of them people that do it without even realizing I am doing it when I am angry , upset or frightened about something . Growing up this was how my dad handled situations that were not working out for him and this was something I heard everyday and picked up on this habit . It is not a nice habit to have and like any other habit has to be broke .
• Malaysia
4 May 07
This is what worry me..I have a son who is now growing up..I don't want him to copy this bad habit...And I admit, sometime I swear a lot when things does not happen as what I want..and I'm afraid if I do it in front of my son with me not even realize it...So, it is now up to me to provide him a healty environment for him...