Are you for or against the morning after pill ?

May 3, 2007 10:47pm CST
Do you agree with the morning after pill ? Is this a way of preventing yourself from getting pregnant or is this just not another way of giving oneself an abortion and not having to face the consequences ? Is this a good measure to take in helping with unwanted pregnancies or an easy way out of not having to protect oneself ? Is this sending across a good message to our younger generations ? What are your thoughts on the morning after pill , are you for or against this and why ? Should this pill be banned or is this a good measure for preventing any unexpected problems for in the future ? Is this teaching our younger generation to protect themselves or to give them a safe an easy way out and if this is a safe measure what about when using other contraceptives to prevent other harmful diseases , would one consider using something else as well or will this take over and help spread more diseases as the younger generation may not think to use something else for protection ?
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