May 4, 2007 2:44am CST
what do you think about taiwan
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@juntoboy (612)
• Indonesia
6 May 07
from wiki : Taiwan (Traditional Chinese: ?? or ??; Simplified Chinese: ??; Hanyu Pinyin: Táiwan; Wade-Giles: T'ai2-wan1; Taiwanese: Tâi-oân) is an island in East Asia. "Taiwan" is also commonly used to refer to the territories administered by the Republic of China (ROC), a sovereign state which governs the island of Taiwan, Lanyu (Orchid Island) and Green Island in the Pacific off the Taiwan coast, the Pescadores in the Taiwan Strait, and Kinmen and the Matsu Islands off the coast of mainland Fujian. The main island of Taiwan, also known as Formosa (from the Portuguese Ilha Formosa, meaning "beautiful island"), is located in East Asia off the coast of mainland China, south of mainland Japan but west of the end of Japan's Ryukyu Islands, and west-north-west of the Philippines. It is bound to the east by the Pacific Ocean, to the south by the South China Sea and the Luzon Strait, to the west by the Taiwan Strait and to the north by the East China Sea. The island is 394 kilometers (245 miles) long and 144 kilometers (89 miles) wide and consists of steep mountains covered by tropical and subtropical vegetation. thanks wiki
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@wilynn (753)
• Singapore
6 Jul 07
I am very impressed with Taiwan. They give me a very developed country feel. They actually encourage recycling. I love the food in Taiwan. Its one of my favourite especially the oyster noodles. There is so much to see and buy and eat. I love Taiwan.
@sindoro (151)
18 May 07
dasar tuyul kere kampretazz...wedhuazzzz...