Do you talk to yourself?

@manvik (981)
May 4, 2007 6:10am CST
May be you will think that I am crazy or I have gone mad.I have seen some of my friends talk to themselves.once I asked my friends that why do you talk to yourself.He replied me that if he acheives something successfully he tals to himself to encourage.And also he talks to himself if he did something wrong to remind himself not to engage in such things. So you guys do love to talk to yourselves?Do you have seen any of your family members talking to themselves?
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@Ashgun (472)
4 May 07
I saw some people talking with themself several time and i usually think they are very strange... i personally doesnt have that habit but i when i got married; my sister-in-law was talking to herself and i felt really starnge... usually when she cooks she always talk to herself. i think so that she doesnt forget what she has to do! everyone has their own habit!!!
4 May 07
Yes I do talk to myself sometimes, partly to reinforce something in my mind and partly for company when I am alone. I talk to my cat too, and she replies :-)