When do you fish? Every time do tou want?

May 4, 2007 7:26am CST
Fishing. What do you think about fishing. What for? When you feel stress, you go fishing? If, I am stress I go fishing. Please give me your best respon.
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@rodeotexas (1154)
• United States
4 May 07
We go fishing all the time. We go when we're bored, stressed, when hubby wants to go alone or with buddies, or just to have fun. Fishing to me is relaxing and fun but also an easy way to get a tan.
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• Indonesia
9 May 07
Thanks. When I go fishing, i feel relax because of the calmity.
@Kman64 (102)
• United States
13 May 07
I love to fish when I am stressed, I also fish for food, I am not a sports fisherman but love to bring home a few catfish of about 3-5 pounds for a nice fillet. My favorite fish to eat is bluegill. Some people hate cleaning fish but that is even a stress reliever for me and when I am finally eating them, that is the best, also I appreciate the fish for being there to replenish my nourishment.
@mohdzul (60)
• Malaysia
12 May 07
it fishing when we trying fell stress..fishing are same with other hobbies..there are motif when we fishing..and it absolutely not a good place to pull stress on fishing..but it you interest to fishing..it doesn't matter how stress you are,but when you like fishing then you will GO FISHING it this right??
• United States
4 May 07
I love to fish. But seems I haven't fished since I was a child. I could see it has a stress relief. But then again, it would give me way too much to think about. I do like fishing though, when I was a child I was always catching blue gills ( think thats what they are called) so my mom could use for bait on catching catfish. It was something that we could do as a family. I wasn't completely useless when we all went fishing. It's definitly one of the finer memories of my child hood.