Is it true?

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United States
May 4, 2007 11:12am CST
I read somewhere today that antibiotics can cause asthma attacks? Has anyone else heard of this?
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4 May 07
The rise in childhood asthma has overlapped with an increase in the use of antibiotics, and, for the first time, scientists have found a correlation between the two. In a study that included data on over 27,000 children, published in Chest, researchers noted that babies who were given antibiotics within the first year of life have double the risk of developing asthma later in life when compared to babies not given antibiotics. In fact, the more antibiotics a child is given before his first birthday, the greater the risk of developing asthma. Researchers do not yet understand how antibiotics may influence the development of asthma. I'm not sure about any relation in adults though.
• India
4 May 07
Yes i did hear about this but antibiotics only cause asthma when there is an overdose of antibiotics. I know lot of people in other countries just take medication from the medicines which they purchase over the counter, because if there is an overdose there there can be side effects. I suggest that it is always better to consult a doctor before taking medication for a particular problem. Also remember that if an antibiotic if it worked for say for example you doesn't mean that the same would work for me as well. So its better to be careful when it comes to taking medication. It should always be taken only after consulting a doctor as different persons have different health.