Will you need to hear the apology from your partner?

@youless (104247)
Guangzhou, China
May 4, 2007 12:00pm CST
In the past I always insisted in hearing sorry from others. As I think they should make an apology if it's their fault. When I grow up, I found that all things can not be completely right or wrong. It's hard to tell. When it's a love relationship, as a girl, you can still ask for the apology. After the marriage, things may change. Today I already don't want to require for an apology. Some people may be afraid to lose face to say so. The most important is you love him and you want to make your marriage go on. I become much more considerate and I can give in. If he already did something to show he was sorry, why I had to ask for hearing sorry.
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@fawcey (928)
• Australia
5 May 07
I have to say that growing up I was made to say sorry for a lot of things that I wasn't sorry for or when I hadn't done anything wrong. So to me I would rather have someone not apoligize than to say sorry and not mean it. I think people can show you they are sorry in other ways rather than actually saying it. I think if someone says sorry of their own choice then this is good but I don;t think people should be told to apologize or sy sorry, this is fake. My husband is one that doesn't say the word ,but to me he doesn't have to, cos I know when he is and I love that he can make me know with out having to say it. Sometime if he has been grumpy about something, he will come up out of the blue and just give me a big hug, I would rather this than a forced apology. If one acts sorry I think we should be gracious enough to accept it in the form it is given, even if it is not he spoken one.
@youless (104247)
• Guangzhou, China
5 May 07
That's true, thanks for your response.