The best Con you've ever been to.

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May 4, 2007 12:50pm CST
I can finally say I am definately an Anime Freak. This school year alone I've been to 3 cons and I have another two scheduled within the next 4 months. This is really a big deal for me because just 2 years ago I would only watch Anime because it's what my friends liked. Now I feel like I'm in the circle not just looking at it. But on to my point: I wanted to know which anime cons you guys have been to and which one was the absolute best and why. Mine was Oni-con 2006 in Houston, I met so many new people and actually got to hang with them outside the con weeks later.
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• United States
21 Oct 07
the only one i've ever been to is the anime expo. the first couple of years were the best because it was still so new and overwhelming.