Badluck in studies..

May 4, 2007 1:20pm CST
I completed my studies but yet I have a feeling that with little bit of good luck I would have got good grades in my college.How hard you study there is always a luck factors which contibutes atleast 5%-10% of your grades.This thin line of luck factor is the one determines your rank, though some of your class mates might have got grades very close to you, you may be lagging behind them due to this ill luck. This bad luck what I am saying is not, you forget something which you studied or so, that I would call as lack of preparation.Bad luck is something like,1.A teacher thinks that you are a very average student, and while correcting she gives say 4/5 for the essay you have written and gives 5/5 for others. I mean the feeling she/he gets while correcting the papers also contrinute to this luck factor. 2.In my college particularly exactly in my paper teachers make totalling mistakes.I had spot that out many times in my class tests, but could not recognise it in final test as the paper wont be given to students. Overtotaling is for good luck Undertotaling if for bad luck 3.Some times we dont even know the reason for our less grades in exams.The reason is a mistory. The reason which I feel that I had badluck in exams has come from various experiences.I am also very sure that there is little use thinking about it, but still I dont get satisfied with what people say, like 'past is past', 'Future will be ok'..Huh! I am fed up of such comments. Have you or your children exprienced such bad lucks? We can't just ignore the past,and we should find justice for it, but how? You are welcome to discuss metters regarding your badluck not only in studies, any happening of your life.
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@ailegal (49)
• India
5 May 07
Its immaterial whether you believe in bad luck but its very hurting to get less marks inspite of best preparartions. Its just unexplainable why it happens. Your article has reminded me of my own University days. In the 1st year LL. B. I secured 1st Class with only one student before me. I even secured highest marks in some of the papers. In the 2nd year, scenario changed, I prepared to the best of my abilities but missed 1st Class only by 5 marks. The consolation was that I was placed as 2nd Class First. The same student who was before me copies my answers and got more marks than me. :( In the 3rd year I tried my hard because it was my last chance to prove my mettle. I thought that lightning doesn't strike the same place twice. But I was wrong. I missed the 1st Class by only 3 marks. I could realize a lot of unethical things which I don't want revive after such a long time. What can I do except being magnanimous and forgiving all the persons whom I thought to be directly related to my ''bad luck'' and woes. I'm quite happy now a days for what I got. The marks, class, grade or division has no meaning in life. What really matters is the learning. I think I got the real and purposeful education for which I took admission for studying Law. Because the real education makes us proceed in our life after education are finished in college. So don't bother for all these triviliaties of life. Ask your if you've got the real education in College? Its more important than all the marks, grades and divisions put together.