Inside the teenage brain?

@calvin222 (1607)
May 4, 2007 2:07pm CST
From 13 through 19, what's going on in there? Can you tell us?
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5 Jun 08
'heeey, i'm fourteen yea so sue me i lied about my age to get on a site that opens my mind about other peoples point of view. I'm horrible. i find that all of us teens just want to be individuals and stand out, but at the same time fit it. Yes we're moody. yes we listen to our music too loud and yess we have attitude. we don't like it when teahcers treat us like we are dumb and we don't like being talked down to. i know i try to smile to anyone i pass on the streets but their are the teens that like to cause trouble but i promise that is like 20 percent of us. When i go out for my lunch i will smile at adults and they will give me dirty looks because they put me under the same label as the trouble making team. The store clerks all think i'm stealing everything in site, but trust me all we want is to be treated like adults. Sure we all do stuff we shouldn't sometimes but don't you adults too? trust me we arn't as bad or as young as you think (:
• United States
7 May 08
Not alot. That's why they have parents.
• Philippines
3 May 08
I'm 15 years old... I'm particularly a simple girl but sometimes I'm influence by the friends but i avoid it. I have friend and she is a smoker and one time she invite me to go along with her but i said no way because i can't smoke with her because I'm a Christian so many teenagers are influence by bad influence teenagers. So teenagers should only influence by the good influence and not the bad influence...