ps3 vs xbox 360 ???

May 4, 2007 4:04pm CST
Hi guys, im deciding what i want... what have you all got? and what are your pros and cons of the two consoles?
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5 May 07
xbox 360 is a more all round console i think, way cheaper than ps3 and in respects better graphics without going over the top, ps3 is too difficult to program games for, too expensive, resolution is too high, no need for it, blu-ray expensive. anyone else add to this?
6 May 07
Im thinking that getting an xbox is probably the best idea now. although the ps3 would act as a dvd player.
@giorgh (66)
• Italy
5 May 07
Hi, i believe that the ps3 has the graphics bettere than xbox 360, as park also plays.^^