Do Angels exist? to guide and guard us everyday like in the movie City of Angels

@bmodina (241)
May 4, 2007 7:26pm CST
Do Angels exist? to guide and guard us everyday like in the movie City of Angels, whom we cannot see them, but they can see us, some people can see them and they pretend to be a human, not to show us they are Angels from heaven, and i do belive them, i heard it in a news before not really a news but i have read it somewhere in a magazine, i forgot the name of a magazine, some people experience, encounter it before including children when they are in trouble angels help them, mostly especially children.
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@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
5 May 07
I believe so, I believe that the little voice we all have within, the voice that usually says no no or beware is in actual fact our spirit guides telling us which way to go. I had my Spirit Guide drawn by a spirit artist just after my father passed away, she said there was someone standing behind me, she said he was an American Indian and although I am a true blue Aussie I have always been fascinated with Indians, she drew this spirit guide and when I looked at the drawing I broke down because although he was in the form of an Anmerican Native Indian the face was my fathers, exactly, when I told a friend she said it was all in my mind until she saw the drawing, the was shocked when she saw it and she said" It is your Dad"....
• Canada
5 May 07
I do believe in the angels very much and do believe we each have our own angel but it is our fear or our denial that lets us experience what children will see more easily as they are more open to the knowledge of what is real and what isn't in life . They believe in all the magic and wonder of the world but as we get older we lose this . I believe that if you are in need and call out to your angel that he or she is the one that lets us know what we should do by what we hear in our head , the idea or thought that we have to do something for a reason , when it is so strong and clear to us is when our angel is doing his/her best to help us on our way . I also believe that when you have fear for someone you can send your angel to guide over them til they are safe and that this shows how important this person is needed in our lives .