Can it physically hurt or threaten you if a lot of people envy you ? Do you fear

@shogunly (1406)
May 4, 2007 9:00pm CST
...the "evil eye" ? This is a topic I frequently get into serious discussions with my Moslem "brothers" about , because ENVY is mentioned in the Koran as something that could hurt you , unless you seek shelter with Allah . And anything mentioned like that in the Koran must be factual , especially if a whole "Sura" is named after it .The problem with me believing that , is if you look at it rationally , there is no way what other people think or feel or hope for , no way that could affect one's well-being in a physical , material way . Thoughts and feeling are just that , unless someone chooses to act upon such ideas , but that is not what I'm talking about . I'm talking about the effect of the thoughts themselves , like , just because so many people envy you and would like to see you come to something negative , the collective negative thoughts will make it more likely that something bad WILL actually happen . I used to consider that as proof that the Quran is in a large part just a collection of one man's thoughts , including his folklorish beliefs . But sometimes , I feel the matter is not so simple , maybe there is some truth to the idea of the " evil eye " ?
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@mosvph (97)
• Philippines
5 May 07
The envy of other people as a thought could probably hurt you for the "evil eye" effect because of the strong power of the mind of those who envy you. But if you have Allah on your side, you could be stronger to ward off the evil eye. But the fact is: people who envy will take some action about their envy. This is more direct. Maybe they will try to put you down. They will spread gossip about you. They will stop others from doing good to you. They will do things to cause you harm.
@BarBaraPrz (24660)
• St. Catharines, Ontario
5 May 07
I tend to agree: Other people's envy per se can not hurt you unless it drives them to act out against you.
@liranlgo (5748)
• Israel
5 May 07
I do not believe in that. I do believe that if a person believes that other people will give him the bad eye, a bad thing will happen, because usually what a person fears of and thinks of so much, does happen. I believe your fears will attract the thing in which you are thinking of. This is a very interesting post, because alote of people do believe in what you stated right now. I know that i do fear somtimes from people that envy me, and when i fear the bad thing happens. So now, i just try to "erase" all of those envy people, and not even think abou tthem and what they are thinking and thinks are ok.