do you have sneaky squirrels? my dad has sneaky squirrels that steal food

United States
May 4, 2007 10:04pm CST
and dig up plants and move them. They will watch him when he is in the yard but if he goes into the house , they start it up again. What can he do about this problem?
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@angelicEmu (1311)
8 May 07
Well, I've never encountered squirrels cheeky enough to steal food, but there's a squirrel who visits our garden. More particularly, he likes to visit the tree in which two rather huge magpies have nested. Every few days or so, he ventures into the tree, and gets into a fight with the larger of the magpies, who is just as big, if not a bit bigger than Mr Squirrel. I'm not talking metaphorically when I say "fight" either - the two of them chase each other around the boughs of that and neighbouring trees, and make quite a kerfuffle! Generally it's Mr Squirrel who will eventually retreat, but he's certainly a brazen little chap, and once the magpie's won, strutted about a bit and flown off to find something shiny to steal, he quickly sneaks into the Magpie's tree for a moment or two, before running away! So I'd advise your Dad to encourage Magpies if possible, or maybe to get a cat or dog which will chase them away. Something from the animal kingdom is the best idea to keep those pesky squirrels at bay, because we humans are just too slow, and they're far too tenacious to be put off by us!
@villageanne (8554)
• United States
5 May 07
Squirrels can be a real problem. At one time we had flying squirrels in our attic and you would hear them all day long. There was a lady up the road from us. She was a diabetic and had no feeling in her feet. One night she was awoke with an odd feeling. A squirrel had got down here chimney and had eat on her foot. She had to call and ambulance as she was an eldrely lady. After that happened, I am alittle scared of squirrels.