have you ever been inapproval of your brother and cousin's bf/gf?

@akinad (446)
May 5, 2007 2:04am CST
i sometimes dislike my brother and cousins girlfriend...i don't approve of their relationship with those girls...like for instance with my cousin ian's girlfriend..at first we get along but after a while,i sensed that she's not doing good to my cousin..they always fight through little things..the girl is used to badmouthing my cousin..and she always threaten to end her life if my cousin does anything she wouldn't like..and i don't like that..i mean if you really love a person you shouldn't act that way or make any threats that would really worry him..it's not healthy i think...but despite of it all..my cousin still continues to be with her,that's why we had a little argument these past week.. so what should i do?i only want my cousin to be with the girl that i think he's worth..how i could i make him realize these things??
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• Philippines
24 Jul 07
well, just wait for your cousin to realize that the girl is not worthy to have him...I know he will soon realize!:)
@devilangelo (4525)
• India
25 Jun 07
well ... yeah ... if she loves him . then she shouldnt forcing him to do wot she wants ... and it seems ur cousin is in love with her , n wen a person is in love . its next to impossible to try to talk him or her out of it . . u can talk to him often bout it .. and hope that he too realise it on his own , wot shes doin to him ..
• Pakistan
14 Jun 07
yeh its not fair