Are people too closed - what should i do

May 5, 2007 2:33am CST
Do you think people can be too closed sometimes I have a friend and we used to be quite good friends but then he suddenly changed his attitude towards me and wont talk to me anymore When I see him he wont say anything or tell me why Do you think thats wrong I didnt want to push it so I left it but sometimes I feel sad as I dont understand why hes changed What do you think I should do? I saw him last week when I went out but we didnt say hello or anything He's got a new girlfriend but shes not one of my friends Do you think someones talking about me behind my back as I keep getting some negative vibes and I dont know why
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• Philippines
5 May 07
forget about that guy and stop worrying about him. sometimes there are some things that you do or some words which you have said that has upset someone without your knowing it. then that someone will not talk about it to you to unravel everything. in this situation, you will never learn about that thing that has caused him to behave that way towards you.
6 May 07
thanks for the good advice i am trying to put this whole thing out of my mind maybe i wont ever know why and maybe its not worth it. i may have said something to upset him i cant think what it is though but i have tried yes i think ill just leave it
@mystery5 (351)
• India
5 May 07
I agree with trinidadvelasco - just forget him. People do go through some ups and downs when they get into a relationship, and I'm sure he'll come around and talk to you some day, as if nothing ever happened. As of now, just leave him alone and quit trying to talk to him. It could also be that his new girlfriend is overpossesive and does not allow him to interact much with his old friends - that happens. If that is the case, he'll come around soon, because such relationships do not last.
6 May 07
yes well his girlfriend doesnt like me much she has a lot of friends and they are always quite rude to me in a way and i know they talk about me aswell but i dont really know her so i dont know why i think ill just stay out of the way and maybe like you say hell call one day or talk to me again anyway i dont really hang out with his friends so if i see him itll just be at a party