making ear candles

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October 21, 2006 8:11pm CST
I have been to many E.N.T. specialists since I was 5. That's when my problems began. For the first 5 years of my life I lived on antibiotics no one knew then of the troubles I would have from then on. In ill health now I have started colonics and ear candling. At 63$ a shot I want to make my own. I may not need hearing aids if this works. Bless you for hearing me.SandyZ.
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31 Jan 07
At this stage of the game, I don't think ear candling will give you the desired results. You may have too much scar tissue on the ear drum. Ear Candling is primarily for the removal of excess ear wax. I've done candling for 10 years and have kept my family out of the Dr's office by decreasing the probability of ear infections through candling. Yes, you can make ear candles inexpensive, but I don't think it's going to restore scaring and hearing loss that's not related to excessive ear wax.