World of Warcraft Addiction or Fun

United States
October 21, 2006 8:27pm CST
People spend hours playing this game. Does it tun into addiction or is it that much fun?
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• United States
24 Oct 06
World of Warcraft is a Massive Multiplayer Online RPG, meaning there are thousands and thousands are people online, where you can talk, and play with. What makes it so addicting is the fact that you can do stuff online in the game that you can't possibly due in real life. For example, you may be just a boxboy at a supermarket, but in WoW you could be a Dwarven Rogue, constantly backstabing and decieving it's enemy. It sounds nerdy at first, but most of the people i know who think that, actually like the game. As for the game being addicting, it entirely depends on the person. I've played it for over a year now. I admit that at first i was addicted, but now i can have a life and play the game at the same time, the hard part is knowing when to quit.
@disturbedgd (1821)
• South Africa
23 Oct 06
my brother played it for 2 years non-stop and still going on and on definitly addiction in my eyes
• India
22 Oct 06