Do you give your kids some pocket money?

May 5, 2007 8:28am CST
As a matter of fact, i seldom give my kid some pocket money. It's said that some pocket money can help kid learn to be responsible and to consume reasonably. Do you think so?
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• Philippines
5 May 07
yes, i give pocket money to my kids. it helps them at an early age to be responsible in handling money matters. with my guidance i teach them to save as well. i have three kids and each has his/her own piggy bank at home. i tell them to save first before spending their money.
• China
6 May 07
I am glad you reponded to my discussion. In the past i have prejudice as to give pockedt money to my kid. It's time for me to change my mind. And, i think you are a nice mother!
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• Philippines
22 May 07
being a parent is a never ending process of learning. i used to not give pocket money to my kids before. instead i buy them packed snacks or lunches for school and money was unknown of to them until i realized if i dont teach them the earliest time possible about handling money then there would never be a perfect time at all. they'd end up thinking money is not important and is just good for spending.