Stuff you need for swimming in a pool

May 5, 2007 9:18am CST
I use to swim at Bukit Jalil Swimming Pool (Malaysia National Aquatic Centre), what I notice is that many swimmer don't realize the important of swim gear. Form my experience, there are 3 stuff you need to have before you jumping into the pool. Of course you need your swimsuit first. (1) Swim goggle For beginner, I advise you to have a goggle first. If you don't have a goggle, it might affect the result when you learning how to swim. Beside, the goggle also protect your eye and make us look nicer. Honestly, I can't swim comfortable without my goggle. (2) Swim Cap Don't forget to wear a swim cap. Many people don't know actually the chlorinated water is harmful to our hair. It can damage your hair. Beside that, the cap also can reduces drag in the water caused by loose hair. This means you can swim faster with your cap on. (3) Anti-fog drops With the anti-fog drops, it form a coat on the swimming goggle. It is very useful especially you swim at indoor because the water is cooler. Wish this article can share my opinions with you all, who love swimming :-).
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• Philippines
7 May 07
I agree with all the things you said and the reasons. If you are training, You may also like to add fins and paddles, pull buoy and kickboard. These are for strength training and endurance. These equipments focus on specific parts of the body in order to improve your swimming skills.
• Malaysia
7 May 07
Yup, is true also. Never try those things before, maybe should try the paddles first. Maybe it can improve my speed too.
• Estonia
8 May 07
To improve speed You should swim long distances. Like 4km+ per training is normal, better swimmers should swim more. You just need to get some kilometers. And when swimming competitions are coming, then You should start doing shorter distances (25m, 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m). And those shorter distances should be quick. Thats what I know about training.
@worthy (2413)
• India
5 May 07
thanks for all the forgot swimsuits,towels,slippers,swimming tubes,arm tubes for children,ear caps to prevent water.