i was so heart broken this morning and hubby says i am silly for it

United States
May 5, 2007 9:42am CST
ok i went to the store this morning and we live in the country so it is a good ways to the store. i have to go down 71 and across red river bridge. well this year for some reason the birds have gotten brave. they dive bomb the cars as you are doing 70 plus across the bridge. i think it is a game to them but to me it is scarey. well i was driving and signing to the radio just being me. when out of no where a bird hit the windshield. bird went every where. i slammed on the breaks and freaked out. liek a dummy i thought well maybe it is ok and got out to try and find it. well i found parts. yes i know yuck. i got so upset cause i killed a bird. it wasnt my fault i mean it flew into the car. we have had people with windows down and them fly into the car with them as they are going down the road to causing accidents. i just dont know why this year they are being so bad abotu it. anyways i was so upset i just came home after i sat on the side of the road for a few minutes trying to calm down. i got home and i was shaking and upset and told hubby he laughed at me. said i was silly for being upset about killing it i should be more greatful it didnt kill me. now i am upset with him too.
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@multisubj (451)
• India
5 May 07
I greatly appreciate your compassion for the poor bird. I hope you will someday become a vegetarian.
@abroji (3247)
• India
5 May 07
I think you are a promotor of vegitarianism. Your name resembles it.
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