Another milestone weekend.

Congratulations - Congratulations to my daughter - she was successful at her interview for a part-time job today.
May 5, 2007 3:34pm CST
Raising children is all about reaching milestones. 1st tooth, 1st word, starting school etc. until they manage to leave the nest and start a home of their own. This weekend my 16 year old daughter received her provisional driving licence so that she can learn to drive. Also, she was successful at her job interview. Hurray! It feels like we have been trying for a year to get her a part-time job. This one will be at our local shopping centre at weekends. Should fit in fine and still leave her plenty of time to work hard at her exams.
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• United States
6 May 07
Wow, congrats. A bit scary though. I am dreading the time when my kids get behind the wheel. Not that they are not good kids, I am just a worrier. Any tips to help us who have not gone through that yet? I would love to know how to not stress so much over it.
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6 May 07
I think I am worrying more about my daughter driving than I did with my son. He is so laid back it did not occur to me that anything might happen to him. I think your username sums it up very well - just have 'happythoughts' and don't let negative vibes spread. Best wishes.
@beaniegdi (1965)
22 May 07
I know what you mean about milestones. I have 2 sons with 2 and a half years between them, when my eldest reached 16 it made me feel sad as I knew it truly marked the end of their childhood years. Then when my eldest left home, at only 18 it made me cry, I tried not to but I couldn't help it so even though he had no bed here, he stayed the night and slept on the floor. He has just bought his first house with his girlfriend and they have lived together since he left home about 3 years ago.
• Philippines
9 May 07
Congratulations to your daughter Magicalmerlin! Have a great day! (^^,)