How many can remember life BEFORE the cell phone?

United States
May 5, 2007 7:33pm CST
It's hard to believe we ever lived WITHOUT cell phones, isn't it? Remember having to stop and look for a "pay phone." Now, they are almost non-existent. Sometimes life was a lot simpler then. You could go and run your errands without being interrupted. It was safer to be on the roads without cell phone users. If a person wasn't home, they simply weren't available. I feel there are pros and cons to cell phones. In cases of emergency they are definitely handy, and I am sure they have saved many lives....but they have probably caused just as many careless accidents as well. But at any rate, the cell phone era is here to stay. Not sure what new technology will be next, but I'm sure before long even the cell phone will be out of date.
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