If you have a choice, would you rather be the eldest or youngest?

May 6, 2007 12:41am CST
If you have a choice, Would you rather be the eldest or the youngest? I myself is the youngest in the family and sometimes i wish I am not coz most of the time the youngest gets all the attentions and sometimes it can be so irritating already. And the elder brothers and sisters would feel you are still too young when in fact you are old already. They just don't want to think you are old coz that makes them older :)
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• United States
6 May 07
Well, I'm an only child so I have a bit of both worlds. On the one hand, I'm the "first born" even if I'm the only born... an I'm my mom's one and only so I'm her baby. Personally I feel like both the oldest and the youngest and am treated as such... given a lot of responsibility yet I'm babied too. If given the choice, I'd probably say the oldest, only because they seem to be respected a bit more, trusted more (whether or not they deserve it).
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• Philippines
6 May 07
I totally agree with you. Much better to be the eldest than the youngest.