Success of spider man-3

May 6, 2007 2:24am CST
Hi there, How come that spiderman is always a success, be it part1, part 2 or part 3? Is it becoz of the sheer craze that people have on it, or else it is worth a hit becoz of it Direction and other matters.
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@youless (99521)
• Guangzhou, China
14 Nov 07
I think Spiderman 3 is better than 1 and 2. It has some moving parts and I dropped my tears. That means to say this movie won't be so bad anyway:)
• India
15 Nov 07
Thanks for sharing.. friend.
@bmm123 (1)
6 May 07
the movie is good ,may be people like the special effects and the direction .and is populler charecter..
@bizcntr (233)
• Philippines
8 May 07
For me its great i really love spider man movies.
@natalie1981 (2000)
• Singapore
12 May 07
I don't know why it's a hit, yes, maybe because it's directed well. Plus the scenes and animations are okay, you wouldn't know it's CGI. I don't think it's because of the actors because frankly, they were nobody before spider-man. But I think it's the spider-man franchise that sells well. A lot of people have grown up reading spider-man comics and I think it's Marvel's most popular superhero so that's why it's a hit.
• Philippines
6 May 07
great movies - spiderman with harry potter
Not only Spiderman but also Superman, Harry Potter and others... In my point of view it is because of the special effects, the story and the popularity of the subject itself.