Half way through the year allready!

May 6, 2007 2:37am CST
Ok so not quite there yet! But it only seems like five minutes ago it was christmas! I can't believe it is coming up the summer holidays allready! Being on a low income when it gets to June/July I start buying and saving for christmas. With three children I have little choice in this as otherwise they wouldn't get the toys they want! So I have decided to start coming on mylot as often as I can to build up my earnings to save for christmas. I was using the money to buy little treats for myself! Does anyone else think this year has gone remarkably quickly? And do you need to start saving halfway through the year for christmas presants?
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@jennybianca (12913)
• Australia
6 May 07
My Mother does that. She starts buying her Christmas presents about now. She looks for all the bargains, & snaps up really good items, not the cheap & nasty stuff. It's actually a very god idea. I just don't have time for bargain hunting for Christmas quite yet. I usually wait until November. You have done the right thing, & I hope you are successful in your search for Christmas presents.
6 May 07
Yes! And you also avoid the rush as people are all fighting for the same things!
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@brokentia (10395)
• United States
7 May 07
Actually, at times, it has felt as i this year has crawled by. But that is only because I soooo look forward to summer and no school. That is like my vacation because it means that I do not have to get up as easy. I do not have to worry about children picking out clothes for the next day. I do not have to worry about doing their hair every morning. I do not have to worry about them being in bed by a certain time...because if they stay up a little later...they sleep in a little later too. ha ha But as for saving for this Winter Holiday Season...yes, that is a good idea! :) Ebay might prove to be very useful this coming season!
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7 May 07
I often use ebay for gifts. You can get some real bargains on there.
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@gabs8513 (48710)
• United Kingdom
27 May 07
Yes it has gone fast I have to say that I mean a few more Days and it is June My Children are grown up so it is not to bad but I am actually getting little Bits of Ebay now to put away for them lol
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@aj2006 (1536)
• Philippines
31 May 07
It's a nice and time saving, money-saving IDEA to start our xmas list this early.. It will help us scout the best presents to our loved ones and helps us locate the best bargains to buy from. I can't believe, I'm doing it now as well! :)
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3 Jun 07
It has been a while since I posted this! Where has the year gone??
@Inky261 (2524)
• Germany
28 May 07
Thank you for reminding me. You make me very thoughtful. Time is flying, indeed. I, too, see the need to start saving for presents now. Soon I have enough money in my paypal for one big project and after that I will use all my money that I make on the net for Christmas presents. I love paypal and e-bay and have been very lucky to find classy things at bargain prices there. Thanks for the hint.
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