This is about toxic foods and their ingredients.

United States
October 21, 2006 9:59pm CST
Do any of you really know what these corporations are feeding us. Don't just read the lables. Do a search on some of the ingredients. The added havas. Some of these added havas are the same stuff they Embalm dead bodies with. Food colorings and artificial flavorings cause seizures and cancer. I know I'm living proof. Now after many years of eating this stuff it has built up in my system till I can't take any more. I was having seizures, migraines, swelling. One serving 1/2cup from a can of green beans has a wopping 500 mg of sodium. We are not suspose to have no more than 1500 mg of sodium a day. Too much sodium causes the body to retain water. In a two week hospital stay, they took 100 pounds of water off my sister's body. For nearly a year Iv'e designed all new eating habbits for my family. I no longer have seisures or migrains (no Meds) But I better no eat anything with red40 in it. I will add more info about this topic later. Keep watch.
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• United States
22 Oct 06
Very true! I make it a point to never eat canned vegetables - except tomatoes, which I do use to cook with and then I make sure I am getting the ones with no added sodium or very low sodium. Frozen or fresh foods are always the best to go with. Another problem is all the corn starch and corn syrup that processed foods use. Corn syrup is the most fattening thing on earth and it's in almost every processed food on the market! And it has no food value!
@timou87 (1640)
• Singapore
22 Oct 06
This is good info...the scientific evidence has always been there yet foods still contain toxic substances, and people are still unaware of just how harmful they can be to us...I'm happy for you and your sister and I hope that the new eating habits will lead to healthier lives for you and your family!