So happy ... my earnings increased

May 6, 2007 11:16am CST
I am so happy because my earnings has just been updated. I had 4 cents on my first day. I was excited so look at my earnings on the second day but was disappointed to discover that it has not change at all. Today, i am happy to see that it has increased to 22 cents. I am more motivated to start new topics for discussions and response to existing discussions. Isn't this a great site to express your thoughts and get paid? Is this how you feel when you were just starting out? Do share your experiences in mylot
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@carryli (876)
• China
6 May 07
haw haw,it is great,you should go on post and make more quality discussiones.Hope both of us can get the first payment soon.Good luck!
@kay1230 (249)
• Hong Kong
6 May 07
Congratulations to you, it's good start in here. I was making big zero here on the first day. But after that i try to post more quality respones. When i first reach my 100 post i got a star rated in 7. I've noticed that mylot has delay the updates of earning. It's big push that i got 25 cents from last night's participation. Anyway, keep going :-) Finally we can reach $1 a day in mylot.
@kay1230 (249)
• Hong Kong
6 May 07
sorry, a mistake. I should have responed to the thread not comment.
@djdeep81 (1061)
10 May 07
I love this site simply because you earn money for taking part in discusiions. Plus you can make soo many friends online and learn something new everyday. Its good that you are more motivated now and this will help you build up your earnings. Happy mylotting!!
@shinevip (22)
• Armed Forces Americas (Except Canada)
7 May 07
Congratulations! do enjoy your disscusons and money too.Actually,I'm a beginner to ,I don't even know if I could get my earnings out .just enjoy it .
@touchnshine (2821)
• India
6 May 07
Dear mkmsam531 It's really nice to know that the earning is motivating you a lot to work more and more on mylot.. When I was a beginner here .. I did nothing but just started some silly discussions to know more about mylot .. because I was totally confused with the whole system .. and by starting that 1 or 2 discussions -- I realized and increase in my earnings after 2 - 3 days .. I was really happy just like you .. and so I started working more and more on mylot .. and now today I am at $9.58 .. I wish u all the best on mylot. Happy mylotting :)
@weemam (13377)
6 May 07
I still get excited every day waiting on the site too to see what I have earned , I have made some brilliant friends , I have learned to type( still only two fingered) much quicker than I ever could before this, I have joined in on discussions I would never have dreamed of doing and I just love to read and rate all of the answers everyone else has left to my discussions . have fun and welcome to My Lot,,xx