Lets discuess our Bosses.......Who have the worst...

May 6, 2007 11:20am CST
He is the most ridiculous person on earth.....I can bet mine is the worst... The way he speeks----I feel like to hit him right on his face. Technicaly he dont know even a small tiny bit but.....he poke his nose in everything.... this behaviour is very very rare...I think.. What do u ppls have to say??
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@kaka135 (14106)
• Malaysia
6 Jun 07
A manager doesn't need to know about the technical details, that's why he hired you. A manager's role is supposed to manage and monitor everything, perhaps he's just trying to do it right, but his methods of communicating with staffs are not that effective? Not many people are good in communication. There are many bosses like this out there, I believe, but see how you can talk to him and adapt the culture. Or, just leave. Perhaps put yourself in his shoe, you can understand why he did it that way? As for my boss, I guess this is the best one I've ever had. He is caring and understanding, yet his management and communication skill are good too. It's not easy to be a good manager that can make everyone happy, that's what I'm going to learn from my boss. ^_^
@a_ce_e (1423)
• Philippines
6 Jun 07
I guess you are lucky having such kind of boss. That kind is very rare.
@psyche49f (2504)
• Philippines
31 May 07
I say, change him at once! But I'm sure this is better said than done. I have seen discussions similar to yours, all talking about the same things--bosses who make their lives miserable at work. If there's a manager's evaluation, you can include your comments and suggestions. In our company, we just came up with a manager's evaluation so that the bosses get to be evaluated, too. It's unfair that only the subordinates are being evaluated when sometimes, as in your case, the boss is not really competent. Good luck. Hope that things will improve down there in your work place. Here's a toast to all workers whose bosses suck!