MacOS or Vista?!

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@suryaxxx (221)
May 6, 2007 11:46am CST
windows vista has been realesed, is offer a aero desktop and many other features. MacOS know as a powerfull OS and the amazing interface, however, some people says vista is copy the style from macos how do you think about it, which is better for u?! and why?!
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@Neo_Knights (1882)
• Indonesia
25 Nov 07
Yo, mitsubishi-san don't get wrong. Apple won't let every program to run in their system. They really test programs so the programs in Mac are the best in their genre. For example, a vector based drawing program CorelDRAW only available in 11th version because the 12th version is quite no different from the previous version. While Adobe Illustrator is allowed because it's compacted with other Adobe programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign etc. Apple chooses only the best programs, remember that.
@PsychoDude (2013)
• Netherlands
6 May 07
First of all, which is best totally depends on the use: If you are a die hard gamer, go vista since you'll be screwed if you take MacOS. If you are more into graphics stuff MacOS might be your first choice because it tends to run more smoothly and in general MacOS offers better support for that kinda stuff compared to windows where it all tends to be a bit slower and driver issues sometimes come up. If you just want to use your pc for surfing the net a bit and chat some along with having office for school and work I would say Vista. It is cheaper than a mac system and because mac doesn't offer you anything extra when it comes to that it'd be throwing money away. Myself I am using windows mainly, no vista yet on my commonly used systems but will come. Although I am wanting to get a macbook once for the more graphical kinda work along.