how would you know that he or she is 'the one'

May 6, 2007 11:50am CST
hi. i know this question has been asked over and over again, since like ages ago, but really, how would you know that the person that we are about to be married to is 'the one'? the one that we are going to be bonded to for all eternity? i'm getting married by the way, so of course, i need help here.
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@diillu (5128)
6 May 07
It's just the sense that comes all of a sudden seeing that person. When I saw my honey they I just felt that he is the right one from me. The one made for me and with the one I;m going to share my life. And now we are together for 4 years already and would marry after finishing our study. When I saw him for the first time..for me it was like this is the person with whom I'm gonna spent rest of lmy life.
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6 May 07
Honestly, with me and my DH it was a given. We had been together since we were very small so it was just a natural progression with us. But, I think the most important things were that we wanted the exact same things in life. We had our priorities in the same places. We agreed that we wanted to finish our degrees, we agreed on children, money, religion, and other important aspects we would be dealing with daily. We also made each other laugh, enjoyed each other's company, and finished each other's sentences. I think it is vital that a lot of the day-to-day issues have to be resolved before getting into a marriage. How will you deal with finances? How many children (if any) do you want? How will you handle family and friends after marriage? Getting this all out and agreed with prior to marriage will make "all eternity" so much nicer!