Competing with friends?

United States
May 6, 2007 1:57pm CST
There are people out there who feel the need to always be number one. Always be on top, have the best story to tell, and the highest achieving children. Why is that? I have friends that at first I love to be around. More moms to talk to and chat with. I can share my stories about my daily life and know that they understand. Then they get into this competitive thing. It goes way beyond whose child crawled first, or has gained more weight. We have to always talk about their kids, their homes, their frustrations, thier worries and so on. My children, home, frustrtaions, and worries pale in comparison to theirs. I recently got a larger home for my family and this "friend" couldn't be happy for me because she wanted to whine about her home being to small for them. My story, home, life is always lesser than thiers, my kids are not as funny, smart, or troublesome as theirs. It's annoying. How do you deal with thses people? How do you get them out of your life?
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• India
6 May 07
its very simple because its time to forward if any give his to other he cant be get any chance......... so get the no 1 psition...............
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