Want to become an Architect? Dont know where to Start?

United States
May 6, 2007 6:56pm CST
Anyone want to become something that is involved in the field of architecture or landscaping? Well I do and for about a year I've been diligently researching the best internships, groups to join, and odd projects that will help you in your quest of becoming this respected person. The first thing to look for is to know which college is best for you. Fatsweb.com is by far the best website that there is when scavenging for a college. When choosing a college know that there are certain colleges that have certified architecture courses. When your goal is to major in this field this is the best type of school to attend. There are some great groups and internships that you can join as a student in high school. Habitat for Humanity deals with construction and always check with your school for architecture or construction courses. The last thing that may be helpful is finding odd jobs. Drawing or sketching architecture plans and implementing all the rules is always helpful. You can even build scale models of your plans that you design with free programs like google sketch up. Designing and building things like sheds, clubhouses, and things like that is what I find most helpful . Good Luck in your search as an aspiring architect. I hope this helps.
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