The sannin

May 6, 2007 7:28pm CST
So what do you think would have happened if the 3rd Hokage didn't decide to pick those particular 3 as his students. Let's say he chose like, shikamaru, chouji and ino's fathers (for arguments sake it needn't fit the time line) Would they become the sannin?If this is not the case I would like to know what made the three of them so damn special as children to be known as the sannin. It isn't as though they just said weeeeell ok you three kick butt so you can be trianed to kick more butt.
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@calakarak (137)
• Australia
7 May 07
the sannin label is given because they were the hokage's students. and they are also exceptionally strong.
@faruqy (150)
• Indonesia
15 May 07
Yeah I agree with you. I read that in naruto comic. I think that's was one of Konoha Shinobi comment.
7 May 07
I think that its just because they were the hokages students so they got the lable...probably just as special as shikamaru ino and chojis fathers but they were under the hokage so he thought "ahhh i love those kids to bits, lets call them the sannin just to show my love for them"