Betrayal part 2

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May 7, 2007 2:46am CST
She turn on the faucet. She's lighting the candles. She strips herself of all the animosities of life. She gets in the tub. She let's the hot water engulf her body. It's calming. It's quiet. She feels nothing. Her body is like an empty shell. There's no one there. It's 4 am. She recalls what happened. Every second of that day replaying like film in her head. Her tears flow, it's mixing with the water. She can't bare it. She misses him. She feels as if it's all her fault. "I drove him away" she tells herself. Deep inside she knew she still loved him and for that blames herself for the pain she's feeling. He's back in his apartment. It's a good thing he didn't sell it. He falls on the floor. He wants to cry. He left the woman he loved. He ruined her. He crushed her. He destroyed her. He racalls what happened. As the other woman lies in the bed. He feels her skin. He looks at her. He doesn't see the woman. He sees his wife. He was acting like a man, a desperate man. He didn't feel anything. There was no pleasure. It was as if he was doing this to realise how much he loved his wife, how much he needed her. His wife enters the room. He looked at his wife's eyes, she was horrified. She dragged the other woman out of their house. He blames her for what happened, but he knew it was his fault. His wifed looked at him, with tears flowing down her cheeks. He felt his heart break. She told him to leave, he did as she asked, but before leaving he told him he would be back to show her how much he loved her. He knew it was possible. He said what he said because in that instant his wife looked at him, all the life she had had vanished. He loved her and now he knew how much. He let that day run through his mind. He thought of how to get her back. He kept thinking of ways to get back in her life. He knew material things were nothing to her. Roses were just flowers to her. Gifts were jsut gifts. He knew that for a fact. He contimplated on how to regain her trust and her love. Someone's knocking on her door. It's her little girl. She misses her daddy and so did she. Her heart ached, she longed for him. His body, his soul, his everything. She wanted him back although she knew she shouldn't but still she did. She loved him with all her heart. She no longer blames herself for what happened. She had a little girl, she needed to be strong. It has almost been a month. He's been calling her everyday. She answers as if she feels nothing but he knew she did. Against her will she felt her stomach flutter each time she hears his voice. She felt stupid for feeling the way she did. She erased the thought of her still loving him. She went straight for the kitchen. She started to cook breakfast. There was a knock on the door. Her daughter answered it. She heard her daughter scream with happiness. He walked in with their daughter in his arms. "How are you?" he asked. She felt her stomach turn, her heart started to beat faster, the adrenalin was rushing through her body. She calmly replied "I'm ok". He asked their daughter to get ready for school, she obeyed. He walked closer. Every step he took towards her, her heart beat faster, she thought she was going to faint. He looked at her with remorseful eyes. He held her with tenderness and love. He said "I'm sorry I hurt you. I never intended to. I don't understand why I did what I did. I don't understand why I said what I said. It's not you're fault, it's mine. I'm selfish. I envied you're success. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I know roses and gifts won't help me bring you back. Material things are nothing to you. Words are words. So look into my eyes, feel my touch, so that you will know how much I love you. I'm sorry for what I have done. Take me back into you're life once more. Give me one more chance to prove to you how much I love you. She looked into his eyes and saw her husband. The man she loved. She felt his touch and knew in heart she loved him. His sin was a sin, one she can forgive. She loved him unquestionably. She loved him and held him. "I love you, I forgive you. You know for a fact that you have my heart. Marriage is a bond where in we face trials everyday it is how we face them that matters. Our relationship can only be stronger with this trial." They held each other tightly as if not to let each other go. It felt like the moment will last forever. She knew she loved him. He knew he loved her. She forgave him for his actions after all to her marriage is not all because of love, it was also about forgiveness and compassion for one another. END
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8 May 07
true love surpasses even the deadliest storm.