coolest sports this summer

May 7, 2007 3:47am CST
i have a plan to initiate some summer sport before class. can you give me any potential idea on what sports we pursue? regardless of money coz my friends in politics does.
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@smacksman (6072)
7 May 07
Many years ago my diving club invented underwater hockey to help us keep fit during the winter in Johannesburg. Equipment needed - swimming pool, snorkle gear, lead puck, short little hockey sticks, bell for ref to ring underwater. Each side of the pool is the goal. Not many fouls to look for - ripping off mask; holding onto flippers; drowning opponent - thats about it. Great fun.
• Philippines
7 May 07
sure..ok.. i will tell that to my friend and im pretty sure it will launch early next month.thanks for sharing.
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• United States
28 Dec 08
Underwaterhockey is played in New Zealand, Canada,Australia and parts of Europe. It is starting to make its presence known in the USA along with underwater rugby. It can be very difficult to keep yourself on the bottom of the pool and hit a hockey puck around. Intense fun sport!