basketball - ball
@nengs10 (3183)
May 7, 2007 3:52am CST
What do you prefer? Why and why not?
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@yibamao (74)
• China
19 Mar 08
i prefer to basketball,because i like playing it,the volleyball seems hard to play!
@thiagoh87 (177)
• Brazil
22 Jun 07
Volleyball, because i practice it everyday!
@huilee (1007)
• Singapore
16 May 07
I definately prefer basketball... But i like volleyball too... I like trying all sorts of sports... I miss playing basketball already...
• Norway
15 May 07
I prefer volleyball and i play both on teams so im sure in volleyball im playing digonal in volleyball and forward in basketball and both my teams are among the best one in our countrie in our class.
@hexu640 (139)
• China
11 May 07
I prefer basketball to volleyball because i like to see the slam dunks.Basketball is an universal game played by people all over the globe.
@ardano (145)
• Indonesia
7 May 07
I dont like both,but I like tennis table,because it can be played on theroom and dont make me so tired
@teison2 (5923)
• Norway
7 May 07
i think I would choose Volleyball, even if it is a close call. The reason I picked volleyball is that I like to play it myself, and I am much better at it than I am at basketball.
@creb11 (416)
• China
7 May 07
I think basketball,because i am tall enough,and my friends alway said to me that i shoule play basketball,and i will come to a star.LOL
@steerforth (1798)
• Italy
7 May 07
I prefer volleyball because I have played it for a little of time.