Do you think your English was improved in mylot?

May 7, 2007 9:11am CST
I found it made not much difference since I came to mylot because I attached more importance to content rather than to the language itself? What about yours?
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• China
10 May 07
Yes.I find my english was improved greatly after posting so many in mylot.So i'll continue to post.Moreover,i really enjoyed share with others my opinions.That's good feeling.
@creb11 (416)
• China
10 May 07
I think it is helpful for me to come here.Everyday I come here and I write a lot,evenif I made lots of mistakes but I can practise english here.I hope I can make great progress here.
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• China
8 May 07
yeah ,I Think so ! although english is not my mother language,when I come to mylot ,I find so many people of world communicating with eachother in english ,of course it contains me ,my spoken english and written english have improved so fastly.mylot helps me to study english ,also it can help me to communicating with people! I realy like mylot website!
• Romania
7 May 07
i'm not a native english speaker and that's clear but i don't think my language skills got improved . i still make some grammar mistakes .
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• China
17 May 08
Maybe the time is too short...
@hotsatya (240)
• India
13 Jan 08
hi, i think i can improve my engish if i do regular practice on this, its good because on mylot lots of people put their views in their way, so i think if read their view regular i could learn new words everyday,and able to understand the 2nd person
@fairyanny (363)
• China
10 Jan 08
It really works,and I can spell it right when I write something,that helps me remember the words.What's more,I can get closer to the native English,that is great and I can learn more.