what is the goal of our life???

@fdwjay (340)
May 7, 2007 9:43am CST
Everyone has a goal.The goal is not a outcome but a process,I think,Are you agree with me? I firmly believe that our lives is like a journey or tour.There are many exciting,colorful and wonderful scenes in each journey.You just open your eyes widely and show your true feeling to touch them, appreciate them or digest them.That is enough.the lucky God would come close to you after your enjoying in anything you wanna do. I think doing little thing within one's graps well, large rewards follow!do you share with my view,buddy?? The one who can make his dream come true is alway who think our life as a enjoyful process or sometimes an entertainment.He can enjoy the study,the life,the work,and everything in the world greatly by making full use of each beautiful gift that the god give him. If we are always thinking something just as a dull object or an aim,How would his life or work journey be??!!! Goal is a process,we are enjoying the lives so we want to have it .Just enjoy it ,just enjoy the life ,just enjoy what you have owned,the real lucky will knock at the door of yours! So so a long journey,We are all just on our way to the aim and still a long way to go before we are asleep... Speed up and cheer up buddy,i believe you will show me a fresh experience ,world and idea !!!and looking forward to your reply about our life..? Sincery wish you all have a wonderful,colorful life live in a happy life...
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