Missing vitamin?

May 7, 2007 11:15am CST
I remember once watching a health programme on TV and they said having a white substance on your fingernails, which is produced by the body means that there is a deficiency of something in your body. Does anyone know thing i am missing and what foods and drink it can be found. As i siad it is a little white substance that is found on the fingernails.
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@erielle (1280)
• United States
7 May 07
Hmmm I'm not exactly sure but it could be caused by many things. They havn't actually summed up every symtom of our bodies to one particular vitman. I'de try taking multi vitamins. But you could lack Iron or it could be caused by dehydration. There are many different theories. Just moniter what you eat, and maybe you can pinpoint what you are missing that way.
• India
7 May 07
It is not such serious deficiency. It is a minor change of hormones in the body. Most of the people get it. There is no remedy for that