Were you born with addictions?

United States
May 7, 2007 7:23pm CST
My mother said that the reason my brother smoked and I didn't was that she smoked while she was pregnant with him, but not with me. At the time (the 1950s) this was an old wive's tale. It was years before we started hearing about babies born with their mother's substance abuse problems. She said that he came out craving a cigarette and while he was still a small child, would try to steal a smoke. A friend of her's had a baby that kept its tongue stuck out. The grandmother said that was because during the pregnancy, the mother had eaten a lot of collard greens, and the baby was born craving them. She cooked some and dropped the juice on the baby's tongue, which seemed to satisfy him. So now, what do you think you might have been born addicted to? Or were you just born with the tendency to become addicted to different things?
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