what if there were other drive modes of transportation

May 7, 2007 9:45pm CST
think about it, if an amusement ride can acheive enough momentum to scare the hec out of anyone, why can't we harness the same drive to propel us along the highway. hows this for an idea. a centrifugal disc, say about 120 lbs total weight, driven by electromagnets. controlled variably through an accelerator of such that would control the amount of power fed to it, thus controlling the speed at which acceleration is achieved. through the use of permanent magnets and electric coils the stream of power, should be significant as to propel a vehicle to a reasonable speed
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• United States
8 May 07
think about it it would have to be installed by the government and like anything they have a hand on it would be broke most of the time so what good will that do?
• Canada
8 May 07
so i guess i'd be best looking for private investors, lol. govnmts the only business that can run ineffectively on a (defecit).
• United States
9 May 07
you got that right!LOL
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