Good boss makes good employee, do you agree?

@dsuesue (180)
May 7, 2007 10:12pm CST
I think good boss do makes good employee, what do you think?
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@jbrowsin66 (1322)
• United States
11 May 07
Absolutely. A supervisor that acts professionally toward his employees will get a professional attitude in return. When employees see that their boss works hard every day, they will want to emulate him. A boss that praises his employee's work will stimulate that employee to continue that same quality of work. One that gives fair wages and decent benefits will keep their employees and not have a constant turnover of new trainees.
@nill_07 (1104)
• Bangladesh
10 May 07
Human don't like to be underdog, it is always insulting matter for them. Everybody want to be boss because he has freedom. To be a boss is always tough. Ofcourse, one have to be quality as well as opportuanity & luck also to be a boss. When these points are not match for a man he is bound to be a employee but always he keeps a hope in his mind to be a boss but it is secreet. When boss will be manly, good enough to influence the employee then employee also will be happy & satisfied to continuee his duty or job. In the long run, boss will be benifited for that as well as company & employee also.