NEWS ALERT... My Lot and E- GOLD

May 7, 2007 10:27pm CST
I received a NEWS ALERT today from My Lot Admin regarding the issue with E-GOLD. It was said that E-gold was indicted by US Treasury Dept. (Any one could explain why?) Though E- Gold denied these allegations, My Lot unwillingly require the use of E- Gold until the issues have been resolve. My Lot deleted all E-gold updates to our profiles and they give us a choice to re-update it to whether we are willing to take the risk (WOULD YOU?) I am not aware of what is the issue about. Please share
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• Philippines
12 May 07
hi berryappleberry! really sorry for so much time i've been not intouch tou your posted topics.. been bored this past few days on how am I going to raise my fund here in mylot. Anyway in regards to your yopic, I heard about this issue, coz I, also having problem with e-gold. Like the other filipina, I am afraid to use other payment processor esp. paypal coz it is not working here in our country. Egold is the only processor I am depending too. 3 days ago, I tried alertpay as a payment processor, only if egold is down, i just forward the fund to alert pay, yet suddenly, alertpay said that they will never recieved fund transfer from egold due to this issue. I'll post here the details and also the source where it come from. it contains the letter from USDOJ, dated April 27,2007 Digital Currency Business E-gold Indicted for Money Laundering and Illegal Money Transmitting. I also praying that this issue should be resolve by the Egold management, for there are so many people depending on them and the only payment processor that is working all over the world. Hoping that mylot also understand us, and may give more option on how we'll be receiving our payment like cheques which is more relieable or by transferring through our bank account. In that way, it is more safe, and our money will be save.
@amjada (379)
11 May 07
Hi, i was to busy to reply sorry about this.I have paypal A/C, but i will see in and let you now.
• Thailand
8 May 07
E-Gold has been indited for money laundering and for several other reasons. This link will give you the full story.
@qoo_rie (428)
• Indonesia
8 May 07
i'll take the risk. well i can't do anything except that. cos my country just accept e-gold to cash out. i can't use paypal to cash out :D i hope e-gold can finish this issue soon. so much ppl depend on this e-gold :( aaaaaaaaargh i hate it... hope nothing happen. i just start to using this method to collect money n suddenly i have to stop bcos of this? i'm crying i'm cryingh