Bat virus!

@tuhpaul (475)
May 8, 2007 12:08am CST
Mylotters - there is a mystery fever that has claimed many lives in Malaysia Bangla Desh and India.This mystery fever has struck again ,this time in the district of Nadia in West Bengal(India) claiming 3 lives .This virus is being blamed on a rare virus that is spred by pigs & bats and has killed 49 people in West Bengal.The Nipah virus,discovered in Malaysia in 1999 has since been known to strike Bangla Desh and India,causing epidemics in both.fruit bats are it natural hosts,the bats can infect pigs and both can infect humans.Transmission requires close contact with infested tissues or body fluids.No medecine has been found to work against Nipah,which spreads rapidly and has a high mortality rate.Death can occur in 48-72 hours.The symptoms are high temperature,muscle pain,nausea and convulsions leading to a coma.Doctors have asked cut the leaves of fruit plants and stop eating pork.People in South Asia should take precautions.Does anybody know about a remedy..
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