I'm desperate, my colds is still here after i tried soups and vit C. Help please

@Abbyey (760)
May 8, 2007 3:02am CST
I feel very bad, i just had 3 hours sleep because my colds is bothering me, first i tried drinking LOTS of vit C afterwards i tried soups which my fellow Mylotters advised me. But still my colds are is still here and i feel its getting worst. My breathing is hard and i feel that i lack air. Oh does anyone know any cure with colds? I really need it, im desperate. I still work inpite of my colds because my work requires my presence. I feel like am a walking time bomb too... colds are contageous as i believe it is. Thats why i need to get better. Please guys/girls maybe you have some secret cure with colds that would heal immediately. My nose is now red and it hurts too since i've been blowing 2 days already. OH i want to get better. :(
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@singlepixel (2743)
8 May 07
be careful with Vit. C. too much of it is not good for your body. try to have some light exercise till you sweat. have a warm shower. enough sleep. good luck
• New Zealand
8 May 07
Welcome to the same boat every one is going ...my condition is pretty much similar to you ..i am having lot of panadols and tryinng to keep myself warm ...avoid sharing your stuff with others...try avoiding passing your germs to others ..cheers get well soon ..i am rating you now