Does she want me to say LOVE her again?

July 26, 2006 8:14am CST
She and I used to say about LOVE but not success for me, I used to say love to her but she reject cus I am younger than her two year and I am studying. Now she use SMS by phone everyday at night when she leave the class at the evening and I dont say to her in class, or I act as a person who dont care about her and let her stay with other friends. She use to ask my friend about me. She seem think about me alot. When I ask her why you care about me? she say just we are friend. Then I start to say about love she said that you have to forget me. after she reply that I said that "the more I forget you The more I miss you." She said that she is so petty about me. Can all MYLOT user tell me how does she think about me. From Kung Kea
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@rherdey (966)
• United States
26 Jul 06
Kung Kea, From what you have said in the post she only wants to be a good friend to you and nothing else. It is said sometime when we meet someone and have more feeling for them than they do for us. It is like how can you not love me when I love you??? All people do not see the same thing in all people. Maybe she has another boyfriend and like you as friend but dont want to hurt you as a friend. I belive she has told you just be friends. You will have to go on with your life as being friends. Maybe you can thinkof her as a special friend and respect her wishes. Who knows maybe later she will see that she does care more about you and will change her mind. Women are funny that way. I hope you will find the girl that is really in love with you one day and have a great loving relationship. Good luck and keep smiling.